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“YA ALLAH”, what a wonderful title, is a glorification of our Lord.

At the same time Hichem want to inspire himself and the entire Ummah to be grateful in any situation in life

nabil cafe29.11.2013

Nabil – The Voice of North Africa

The Algerian newcomer will motivate us with his gentle, heart touching song to respect and take care of the people who suffer because of their disabiltity…



The video shooting of Nabil’s first single “La Ta Kul” is finished now.

The Alifbe-Team is now mixing the video sequences to an exciting clip.

So stay connected, because the video clip will be expecting you as soon as possible …..



What happens when the team of Alifbe and “all ahead film” are working together? Answer: Two Berlin companies want to take over the world : – )

Film director and founder of “all ahead film”, Cuneyt Kaya, sets with his film debut “Ummah” a counterpart to common prejudices against Muslims. The movie shootings which took place in Berlin, can be understood as an invitation into the Muslim community. Of course, the movie is looks only so good because the actors of the film wear AlifbeStreetwear : – )

So much fun while watching the movie … trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGXpweCOAIE


Not long now…

The section work to Hichems first single “Salatu ala Nabi” are in full progress. The video sequences taken in Algeria and Germany are now mixed up into an exciting video clip by the art director. The video should be released in late June and it is a memory of our great Prophet Muhammad s.a.s.

Now there’s already an interview of the newcomer Hichem Ramdane on our Youtube Channel: Alifbe.tv


Now it’s out there!

The new, hot single “Let’s begin” is out now. Finally, all fans who had waited a very long time, can now enjoy the video clip very slowly :-) )

So have fun watching it, and dreaming of your next holiday … http://www.youtube.com/user/AlifbeTV



“Yes you will not believe it, but it seems as Alifbe will don’t stop” !

After the filming of Budi Dahabs video in Nice, follows the shooting of Hichem Ramdanes video in Algeria in april of this year. Alifbe is now traveling around the world to show you only the best as possible. For Hichems new single “Muhammad sas“, our camera crew will do all the best to show you only delicious shots to remember our beloved prophet….

So stay in contact with us because we bring the Orient to your door!



Mohamed Yasbah, the benchmark for emotional anasheed

The collaboration between M. Yasbah and the anasheed label AlifbeRecords is terminated early this year. As regulated by the contract, the successful work between both parties, was only for the work of his debut album. With the album title “Halte fest an Allah”, AlifbeRecords presented something really new in the German-speaking region. Last but not least, by the professional marketing of the Berlin record label, a new level in anasheed was set.

                             Alifbe wishes M. Yasbah all the best and much succes for the future!

                                 P.S.  the album “Halte fest an Allah” is available at www.alifbestreetwear.com



As promised, the long-awaited shootings of Budi Dahabs first single “Let’s Begin” will start on 18 March of this year at the beautiful Côte d’Azur. The Alifbe camera team is already prepared to present you only the best as usual!

So be ready, because the coming summer will be very hot…

F-book logo_03



Within one year the recordlabel signs already his 4th artist. With Budi Dahab, the 23-year German from Wuppertal, AlifbeRecords sets again a milestone in the branch of islamic music. Enthusiasticly both parties met on Wednesday the 12/09/12, to sign together the hotly anticipated artist contract. Also further projects have been planned, like the first smashhit single. Next week, on the 26/10/12, there’s already a small taste  for hungry fans, because  the first interview will be out there on the Alifbe’s Youtube Channel. So stay in touch with us at www.alifbe.de, because it will be expecting you lot!



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